Meet Your AQHYA Officers and Directors!


Olivia Tordoff Olivia of Powell, Ohio is a high school senior serving as the 2018-19 AQHYA president. She is also the current president of the Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association and president of the Southern Ohio Quarter Horse Youth Association. Olivia is dedicated to leading by example and representing the voice of youth membership. Her goal is to encourage a supportive, positive atmosphere in all facets of AQHYA.


Kylie Good Kylie of East Berlin, Pennsylvania, is a freshman at York College and is serving as the AQHYA first vice president. Active involvement in her community has brought Kylie an awareness of the importance of members being heard. She strives to make AQHYA an association that members choose to be active in by shaping it to their liking. She is committed to being the voice of the organization and hopes to continue to do so in her last year in AQHYA.



Charles Lee Charles of McAllen, Texas, is a freshman at Texas A&M University Higher Education Center and is serving as the AQHYA second vice president. Active in both AQHYA and the Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association, Charles understands the value of communication in an organization. He strives to strengthen membership by promoting youth programs and scholarships while maintaining open communication between AQHYA and its affiliates. 



Caleb Sturgeon Caleb of Beloit, Ohio, is a high school senior serving as a current AQHYA executive member. Caleb aspires to bring connectedness to youth members around the world. He feels that it is important to reach every member, regardless of location. Caleb’s goal is to continue promoting international participation and gain members by engaging youth in the Association.





Sierra Walter Sierra of Hydro, Oklahoma, is a senior in high school serving as a current AQHYA executive member. As a director, Sierra worked to promote AQHYA at various horse shows. She strives to amplify youth membership through team-building activities at large shows and would like to enhance membership involvement in service projects. Sierra plans to continue her outreach and education, hoping to expand her reach as a national officer.




AQHYA Directors 


Isabella Laguna Isabella of Snoqualmie, Washington, is serving her second year as Region 1 director.. She has served as secretary and treasurer for the Washington Quarter Horse Youth Association. Isabella yearns to keep both youth and adults in AQHA and her affiliate informed on the current events surrounding the equine industry. She plans to reach out and amplify AQHYA by participating in more community service projects in her region.



Jacqueline Potwora Jacqueline of Eugene, Oregon, is a junior serving as Region 1 director. As an active board member in the Oregon Quarter Horse Youth Association, Jacqueline is passionate about planting the seeds of awareness in youth organizations. She aims to amplify youth involvement and outreach through each affiliate to strengthen AQHYA membership nationally. Jacqueline believes that communication is vital to reaching every member of the Association.



Samantha Pratt Samantha, a senior from Monroe, Oregon, is a Region 1 director. She is also the current president of Oregon Quarter Horse Association. Samantha has a passion for uniting the community and has made it her goal as director is to implement more community service projects in her region.



Delaney Dickens Delaney of Omaha, Nebraska, is a high school senior serving her second year as Region 2 director. Delaney has been involved with several facets of the Nebraska Quarter Horse Association and has participated in AQHYA events on both a state and national level. Delaney plans to amplify the equine industry through educational systems, focusing on reaching out to current youth members to bring a fresh perspective on how to improve youth involvement.



Adilynn Friesen Adilynn, a senior from Sutton, Nebraska, is a Region 2 director. She is a versatile equestrian who is active in Nebraska Quarter Horse Youth Association and her local 4-H club. Adilynn would like to build a mentor program in AQHYA to ensure new members always feel welcome. 



Shelby Holmes Shelby of Sioux Falls, South Dakota, is a high school junior serving as Region 2 director. She plans to amplify AQHYA by encouraging others to attend events such as the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar and Ford Youth World Championship show. Shelby believes AQHYA provides the opportunity for build lifelong friendships and provide life lessons not offered by other associations.  



Justin Eddy Justin of Rocheport, Missouri, is a sophomore serving his second term as Region 3 director. He also participates in 4-H, speech, and debate. Justin aspires to promote AQHYA through fundraisers, giving fellow youth members the opportunity to participate in the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar. He believes that active current members are the key to promoting youth events in the equine industry and plans to continue reaching toward this goal by strengthening affiliates and amplifying their message.


Lauren Lounsbury Lauren of Cumming, Iowa, is a senior serving as Region 3 director. As a region director and current Iowa Quarter Horse Youth Association reporter, Lauren believes community involvement and understanding is vital to the strength of AQHA. Her goal as director is to educate school systems and community members about the importance of youth involvement in organizations like AQHYA.


Abby McCormick Abby, a high school junior from of Indianola, Iowa, is a Region 3 director. Abby participates in several extracurricular activities, including serving as vice president of the Iowa Quarter Horse Youth Association. She is passionate about involving youth members in AQHYA programs and believes that building awareness of these experiences will help activate AQHYA.



James Heitzner James of Saint Clements, Ontario, is a Region 4 director. He is an incoming freshman at Dalhousie University for Medical Sciences. James has held several positions with Ontario Quarter Horse Youth Association, including president, treasurer, secretary, and director. As an American Quarter Horse Youth World Cup competitor, James understands the importance of strengthening AQHYA and AQHA ties through international programs. He wishes to deepen those connections as a regional director.


Kendall Manlief Kendall, a junior from Rushville, Indiana, is a Region 4 director. She has been involved with 4-H and AQHYA for many years and is also the current vice president of the Indiana Quarter Horse Youth Association. Kendall cherishes the friendships she has made in these organizations. Her goal is to strengthen AQHYA by building relationships through team-building activities between each affiliate and across the nation.


Maggie Sever Maggie of Hebron, Indiana, is a sophomore serving her second year as Region 4 director. She is currently the Indiana Quarter Horse Youth Association secretary and president of her 4-H Club. Maggie enjoys mentoring the small-fry and youth members of her organizations. She believes that regular meetings and communication between members is the key to amplifying AQHYA for future generations.



Morgan Hipkens Morgan of Kirkville, New York, is a sophomore serving as Region 5 director. She competes in Interscholastic Equestrian Association events and has served as the New York State Quarter Horse Youth Association vice president and secretary. Morgan understands the importance of leadership skills and values the opportunities provided by AQHYA to strengthen them. It is Morgan’s goal to amplify participation through the various programs AQHA has to offer youth member.



Trinity Packard Trinity, a sophomore from Slatington, Pennsylvania, is serving her second year as Region 5 director. As AQHYA regional director and reporter for the Virginia Quarter Horse Youth Association, Trinity understands the importance of reaching out to others to increase communication and awareness of AQHYA programs. This year she has made it her goal to amplify the international involvement in the equine industry and engage the next generation of horse enthusiasts.


Richard John Shepard III Richard of Harrington, Delaware, is a Region 5 director. He is a senior in high school and is an active member of his equine community. Richard has served as director, president and vice president of the Delaware Quarter Horse Youth Association. His goal is to work with fellow directors to increase communication within affiliates and reach out to every member of AQHYA.


Morgan Farrell Morgan of Mesa, Arizona, is a senior serving her second year as a Region 7 director. She is the current Arizona Quarter Horse Youth Association president and has held previous titles of vice president and rodeo queen. Morgan is an active member of her affiliate and AQHYA and encourages other youth members to do the same. As a director, it is Morgan’s desire to educate members about program involvement and show them the resources available within AQHA. 





Alexis Tretschok Alexis, a junior from Tucson, Arizona, is a Region 7 director. As an AQHYA regional director, secretary of Arizona Quarter Horse Youth Association, and treasurer of Puma County 4-H Club, Alexis is an involved member of her equine community. She believes that relationships in the industry should be built both in and out of the show arena. Alexis has made it her goal to reach out to outside organizations to bring the equine community together.




Claire Lee Claire, a junior from McAllen, Texas, is the Region 8 director. Claire is the current vice president of the Texas Quarter Horse Youth Association and participates in many community activities. She has made it her goal to focus on encouraging youth to participate in non-horse activities, such as public speaking and the AQHYA National Youth Racing Experience. Claire strives to reach each member of the youth body and show that AQHYA has something for everyone.


Macy Blackwell Macy of Loranger, Louisiana, is a sophomore serving as Region 9 director. Having served as president and secretary of the Louisiana Quarter Horse Youth Association, Macy strives to promote youth involvement in the equine industry through various shows and events. Her goal as a regional director is to reach out to other organizations to increase youth involvement in AQHYA programs.




Bailey Carwile Bailey of Kilmichael, Mississippi, is a senior serving a second year as Region 9 director. He is very active in his community’s equine industry. He also serves as current president of the Mississippi Quarter Horse Youth Association. Bailey has made it his goal to strengthen youth involvement in AQHA by activating current youth members while building closer relationships between affiliates.


Jessi Monnin Jessi, a junior from Winnsboro, Louisiana, is a Region 9 director. She has also held several board member positions in both the Louisiana Quarter Horse Youth Association and her 4-H Club. Jessi recognizes the importance of connectedness and aims to bridge the gap between riding disciplines at horse shows. She also plans to broaden AQHYA awareness through community service activities with youth members.



Sydney Nicholls Sydney of Harrisburg, North Carolina, is a junior serving as Region 10 director. She is the current North Carolina Quarter Horse Youth Association secretary and understands the importance of organizational communication. Sydney is passionate about mentoring other youth members. She has made it her goal to bring AQHYA together through inclusion of every discipline and incorporate fresh ideas to the association.



Become an AQHYA Officer or Director

Each year elections are held for the AQHYA officers and directors at the Bank of America Youth Excellence Seminar. If you would like to throw your hat into the race for a national officer or regional director position, download the Guide to Campaigning below.

Guide to Campaigning for AQHYA Officer or Director

Download the Guide to Campaigning for campaign tips and application materials.