What's the Difference?

AQHA is here to help you decide which records service is right for your needs.

AQHA records provide official AQHA information: AQHA points, awards, achievements, horse exhibitor information and AQHA event qualifying information.

RGP reports provide money-earning activity in other organizations for both American Quarter Horses and other breeds that cross onto American Quarter Horses. RGP reports do not provide AQHA points and awards; only money earned.

Equineline.com provides official AQHA race records in a format customized for the racehorse industry, including edited, catalog-style “black type” pedigrees, dam’s produce records in “black type” format, and past performances with chart links.

Equineline.com Custom Services:

  1. Trainer Program: This easy-to-use but comprehensive program provides trainers with a complete billing and account receivable system, as well as tools to maintain health records, generate reports on race earnings, access the interactive condition book, maintain training charts and more.
  2. Farm Program: The Farm Program provides an easy and professional way to maintain health and breeding records as well as board and billing charges. the ability to automatically schedule health procedures increases efficiency and significantly reduces missed charges on your outgoing invoices. (AI and embryo transfer are available through our "cloud" version. Contact Equineline.com for more information.)
  3. Portfolio Service: This option provides access to continuously updated information on your mares and their produce, as well as for horses in training. Race entries, race results and workouts for horses in training and the progeny of broodmares or stallions, including race videos and charts, is included. Also available are catalog-style pedigrees for your portfolio horse, which can be updated every 90 days at no additional charge. Also included is access to an expense and revenue center, which is perfect for helping to prepare taxes, and an interactive condition book.