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The AQHA Facebook Connection

Try these tips for catching all of AQHA's great posts and enjoying fast, friendly service.

What's that? You're not catching all of AQHA's Facebook posts? We've got an easy fix to help you hear us loud and clear.

Facebook has become a lot like my kids. Thanks to its new algorithm, it has developed selective hearing.

Take, for instance, these two messages:

    • "Who wants ice cream?"
    • "Time to do your homework."

It's no secret which of the two messages my kids will hear and which they'll accidentally ignore.

But if I posted both messages to Facebook today, there's no telling which message – if any – followers would see. Why? Because Facebook's complicated algorithm makes it harder than ever to get our messages to the people who need them. Facebook wants us to pay for our posts to be seen. But we'd rather help you see them without us spending your membership dollars on a social network.

So, here are three easy steps to make sure your connection to the AQHA Facebook page stays meaningful and prevalent as you peruse this fantastic social network:

    • Set AQHA's Facebook page as "See First" in your newsfeed. 
      • Find AQHA on Facebook
      • Once on the AQHA Facebook page, click on "Following"
      • Select "See First"
    • Engage with us. When you see an AQHA post you like or find interesting, "like" and "share" it! Post your photos on our wall. Comment. Enter our sweepstakes. These tactics are sure-fire ways to let Facebook know that you're interested in our content and would like to see more of it. 
    • At the top left of your Facebook news feed, under your profile photo, hit the arrow beside "news feed." Set it to "most recent." That'll help ensure that you see more of the great posts we're working hard to deliver, just for you.

And I really mean that. We carefully craft every message we post with several goals in mind: customer service, communication and fun!

The Customer is No. 1

Since the day we started the AQHA Facebook page, our No. 1 goal has been excellent customer service. If you have a question and you'd like to ask it on our Facebook page, we are happy to answer you, whether you post to our wall or via private message. If your question needs further review and you've posted your question to our wall, we may ask you to private message us, or if we can we'll private message you.  We are standing by on Facebook throughout each business day, and we are proud to assist hundreds of customers every month. We'd love for that number to continue to grow! So, please contact us with general questions on our wall, or private message us with personal inquiries, such as the status of your horse's paperwork or details about your membership. (Please never post private information, such as credit card numbers, on any social network!)

Our second goal has always been outstanding communication. And, by that, we mean two-way communication. Not only do we deliver the important information you need, but what makes our Facebook page so wonderful is your contributions. We love seeing photos of your accomplishments with your Quarter Horses. We love celebrating those new #barnbabies with you. We love rooting for you as you near your next AQHA Horseback Riding Program milestone. And we love hearing your testimonies about why you're #AQHAProud to be involved with the world's most magnificent horse breed.

Mix our first two goals together, and that's where the third goal magically appears = fun! We love managing our Facebook page as much as you enjoy being part of it. We are honored and proud to have the world's greatest fans – almost 1 million strong.

Please take a moment and commit to the three easy steps to ensure that your connection to the AQHA Facebook page stays meaningful.

And we'll continue our commitment to delivering the posts you want to see, such as:

    • AQHA and industry news
    • Breaking news
    • Event coverage
    • Gorgeous photography
    • Action-packed videos
    • Horse-training tips 
    • Horse health information
    • Horse-showing advice 
    • Horseback-riding updates
    • Inspirational quotes
    • Quarter Horse Coat Color Q&A most Fridays from 2 to 4 p.m. Central

Let us know how you think we're doing on the AQHA Facebook page. And, by all means, join us on our other social networks, too: Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube and LinkedIn.

At AQHA, we're always listening to what our valuable members have to say.