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Price Check on AQHA Services

Get up-to-date pricing on AQHA's business, such as memberships.

As AQHA members and American Quarter Horse owners, its important that we help you stay “in the know” with goings on here at AQHA.

Here are the fees for some of our services.

DNA kit
If ordered on application $50
If ordered for a registered horse $50

Genetic Panel kit
$100 for members
$155 for nonmembers
$120 Genetic Panel with DNA for members
$175 Genetic Panel with DNA for nonmembers

Stallion Breeding Report
Stallion filing fee $50 for member
Stallion filing fee $105 for nonmember
Mare fee $6 per mare for member
Mare fee $12 per mare for nonmember
Late filing fee $30/late report

12 Month Open $55
36 Month Open $140
Life $1250
12 Month Amateur $65
36 Month Amateur $170
12 Month Youth $20
36 Month Youth $50
Life Youth $100

Here are some tips for saving money on AQHA business:

  • Enroll in AQHA’s new Auto Renewal program before December 31, 2018 and your current membership fees will be locked in for the next 36 months! 
  • Renew on or before December 31, 2018 as a life member, you never have to renew again, or worry about what the membership fees are!
  • Order DNA kits for your horses that need to be typed on or before December 31, 2018. The current fee is $50. AQHA rules state that any breeding stallion, and any mare born 1989 or later is required to be DNA typed in order for their foal to be registered. Additionally, all breeding stallions must be Genetic Panel tested.
  • Make sure your 2018 Stallion Breeding Reports are filed, and all mares are listed and accounted for.

 Questions about pricing? Please visit our Contact page.