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Find Your AQHA Level

Get the lowdown on how to find your level for AQHA shows.

Get the lowdown on how to find your level for AQHA shows.

Everyone has a place at AQHA shows, from beginners to the most highly accomplished competitor. AQHA levels group horses and riders with their peers of similar experience and achievements earned.

At AQHA shows, classes are leveled based on exhibitor or horse records. Levels eligibility is based on both points and awards earned.


    • Leveled by exhibitor record: youth, amateur, Select amateur, halter and cattle classes
    • Leveled by horse record: open division classes (excluding halter and cattle events)


If you’re interested in learning more about how AQHA shows work, you may be interested in viewing the About Leveling page.

How to Find Your Level

Finding your AQHA level is easy. Here’s how to do it:

o    Visit to access the online level verification system.


o    Choose a division: amateur, open or youth.


o    Choose: exhibitor or horse.


o    Enter ID: membership ID for exhibitor or registration number for horse.


o    Select the current show year, for example“2019.”


o    Click “Check.”

One important thing to note is that if you intend to compete in Level 1 classes this year, a Level 1 application must be filed.

In fact, a Level 1 application must be filed each year. If you have previously filed a Level 1 application, it’s possible that the information on file with AQHA may conflict with your current eligibility, which would affect the eligibility being shown on the level verification system.

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Here are a few other tips to keep in mind when using the level verification system:

    • If you or your horse is eligible for a class, the field will show “Y.” If you are not eligible, the field will show “N.”


    • When verifying a horse’s eligibility, be sure to select “Open Division.”


    • If you suspect an error, please contact AQHA Customer Care at 806-376-4811.