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AQHA Deadlines to Remember

Get the scoop on two important AQHA deadlines - foal registrations and stallion breeding reports.

AQHA Customer Care representatives are asked hundreds of questions each day and receive about 45,000 phone calls each month. That's a lot of interactions with our valued AQHA members!

One of our biggest functions in customer service is reminding people of important deadlines for completing AQHA business.

Here are a few dates you won't want to forget about:

Foal Registrations

AQHA foal registrations have several deadlines. Many people call AQHA thinking they are not allowed to register a horse after a certain age. This is not the case. AQHA will register your horse; the only thing that will change is the fee. AQHA will not accept a postmark on a foal registration. The application must be in AQHA offices on or before the deadline.

Effective January 1, 2018, the fees for registration are as follows:

    • Weanlings: $40
    • Late weanlings: $75
    • Yearlings: $170
    • 2 year olds: $325
    • 3 year olds: $435
    • 4 year olds and older: $550

Register your foal online today.

Stallion Breeding Reports

Stallion breeding reports are due each breeding season by November 30. AQHA will accept a postmark. Effective January 1, 2018, the fees for filing your Stallion Breeding Report are as follows:

    • Stallion filing fee: $50
    • Fee per mare bred: $6
    • Late fee: $30
    • Stallion Incentive Fund nominations carry the same deadline as stallion breeding reports. AQHA will also accept a postmark.
    • Foal Incentive Fund nominations must be received in the office by the age deadline and follow the same age deadline as registration.

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