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Cancelled- Determined that a horse was ineligible for registration or certain conditions were not fulfilled for registration.
Cryptorchid- Designation effective for foals born on or after January 1, 1992. Less than two visible testicles descended into the scrotum. A genetic defect according to AQHA Rules of Registration.
Deceased- When any registered horse dies, the owner notifies and surrenders the registration certificate to AQHA for notation on horse's record. The certificate will be returned unless AQHA is otherwise directed. When according to AQHA records, a horse has lived 25 years past January 1 of its foaling year, it will be presumed no longer alive unless the owner notifies AQHA annually.
Embryo\Oocyte Transfer- Taking the embryo from one mare and placing it in the womb of another mare to carry to term. Allows biological mare to maintain her shape and build for racing and showing. The mare must be enrolled for embryo/oocyte transfer prior to intended collection and must meet all other registration requirements including parentage verification. A fact sheet on embryo/oocyte transfer is available.
Embryo transfer: the donor mare is bred and the fertilized egg is removed and placed into a recipient mare.
Oocyte transfer: an unfertilized egg is removed from the donor mare and placed into a recipient mare and the recipient mare is then bred
Frozen Semen- Semen collected and frozen for future breeding purposes. Stallion owners using this method must file a collection insemination certificate notifying AQHA of its use and make notation on the breeding report filed with AQHA. These forms are available from AQHA free of charge. Foals produced through the use of frozen semen must be parentage verified before being registered. A fact sheet on artificial insemination is available.
Genetic Typed- All mares born on or after January 1, 1992, must have a genetic type on file with AQHA prior to the registration of any foal produced by them; in 2003, mares foaled on or after January 1, 1991; in 2004, mares foaled on or after January 1, 1990; in 2005, mares foaled on or after January 1, 1989.
HYPP Results- (N/N) = Normal
(N/H) = Heterozygous affected
(H/H) = Homozygous affected
For more information please go to FAQ's from America's Horse.
HYPP Note- Foals born on or after January 1, 1998, which descend from any bloodline determined to carry the HYPP gene will have the following notification placed on their registration certificate:
"This horse has an ancestor known to carry HYPP, designated under AQHA rules as a genetic defect. AQHA recommends testing to confirm presence or absence of this gene."
Incentive Fund Foal- The Incentive Fund is a multimillion-dollar program for which stallions are nominated prior to each breeding season, thereby making the resulting foals eligible for lifetime nomination. Once the foals are nominated and begin earning points, paybacks are made each year to the stallion nominators, foal nominators, and owners of the competing horses.

A foal may be nominated at any time during its first 24 months of age. From the foaling date to the 7-month birthdate, the fee is $100. From the day after the 7-month birthdate to the 12-month birthdate the fee is $200.Beginning with 1998 foals, the fee after the 12th month to the 18th month birthdate is $2,000. After the 18th month to the 24th month birthdate the fee is $5,000. If the foal has earned ½ point or more in an AQHA-approved event, it is no longer eligible to be nominated.

Incentive Fund Stallion- The year listed on the horse's record is the last year the stallion was nominated for the Incentive Fund. Stallions available for breeding during the 2002 breeding season must be nominated to the AQHA Incentive Fund Program by November 20, 2001 in order to make foals conceived during that year eligible for participation in the program. Stallions may be nominated anytime during the breeding year by paying their normal fee plus a penalty of two times that fee. For any stallion to which no mares have been exposed prior to 2001, the deadline for nomination is 90 days after his first breeding date. Nominations are annual and a stallion must be renominated for any successive breeding seasons to make those foals eligible. Absolutely no nominations for the 2002 breeding season will be accepted after December 31, 2002.
Non-Breeding Stock- Non-Breeding Stock is no longer a designation assigned.
Prior to January 1, 2001
These horses shall not be eligible for breeding purposes or otherwise produce foals eligible for registration. They cannot compete in halter classes of AQHA-approved shows, but they are eligible to compete in performance events.
Parentage Verified- This status means a foal and its sire and dam have been DNA typed and the foal has been confirmed to qualify as an offspring of that particular mating.

-All racing American Quarter horses must be parentage verified prior to tattooing for racing privileges.

Parrot Mouth- Either overshot or undershot as defined by the American Association of Equine Practitioners as "no occlusal contact between the upper and central incisors." Defined by AQHA Rules of Registration as a genetic defect.
Racing Challenge- The enrollment fee is based on the age of the horse at time of enrollment. On or before December 31 of each year, the enrollment fees are as follows:

Weanlings - $200
Yearlings - $500
2-year-olds - $7,500
3-year-olds & up - $20,000

Transported Semen- This foal was produced by transported semen. The semen was collected for the purpose of artificial insemination and transported for use at another location. Foals produced through the use of transported semen must be parentage verified before being registered.